Fans Spot Former G-Idle Member Soojin

Fans of the K-pop group G-Idle were able to locate former member Soojin after the group was required to dismiss her from her position. In August 2021, she parted ways with her band and management agency.

Her decision to withdraw came after being accused of online bullying for a period of six months, during which it was claimed that she had bullied her classmates, including the actress Seo Shin Ae, when they were in middle school. An update was provided to the idol’s fans in August 2022 by a close friend of hers, breaking the prolonged radio silence that had been maintained by the idol as well as her previous management company.

By September 2022, her legal representatives had finally cleared her name by making an official statement against the people who had accused her. Then, on April 1st, after things had calmed down, a video of the ex-idol socializing with friends surfaced on Twitter.

Despite the fact that her face was obscured in the photos, followers were still able to identify her based on her tattoos.