Ford Recalls 1.5 Million Cars to Fix Brake Hoses and Wiper Arms

Due to possible leaky brake hoses and broken windshield wiper arms, Ford is recalling nearly 1.5 million vehicles in the US.

The greatest of two recalls involves almost 1.3 million Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ midsize automobiles from 2013 to 2018. In documents submitted by safety regulators on Friday, the manufacturer stated that the front brake hoses could break and leak braking fluid. That would extend the travel of the brake pedal and lengthen stopping distances.

Dealers will replace the hoses. Ford will deliver notification letters to owners beginning April 17. They will receive a second letter once replacement parts are ready.

Ford stated that owners encountering issues should contact their dealers. There are already available parts for repairs. The business estimates that only 2% of vehicles will have leaking brake hoses.

Ford stated it was aware of one accident, but no injuries were reported.

The second recall involves roughly 222,000 F-150 pickups manufactured after 2021. The windshield wiper arms are susceptible to breaking.

If necessary, dealers will replace the arms. Owners will be informed beginning on March 27.