Former CNN Anchor Calls Fox News ‘Clowns’ for Putting ‘Ratings Above Truth’

Monday, former CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin lashed out at Fox News, labeling the network’s management and stars “clowns” for promoting “propagandist economics over the truth.”

Baldwin stated in an Instagram video regarding a previously reported Fox News Zoom call following the 2020 presidential election that it was “crazy” that Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott bemoaned her network correctly calling Arizona for Joseph Biden. “Our ratings would have been bigger.” Scott stated on the call, as reported by The New York Times, that the mystery would have still been present. Noting that recent Dominion court documents revealed Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s anger over Fox’s stock price falling due to MAGA supporters quitting the network, Baldwin stated that Fox News “tripped over themselves to pick ratings over the truth.” She said, “In all honesty, they resemble clowns. “Not even clowns posing as reporters, just clowns.” Baldwin, who departed CNN in the middle of 2021, then lambasted the entire landscape of television news for producing a “confirmation bias echo chamber” owing to “opinion overload.” She continued by stating that she no longer watches television for news.