Former Le Ssserafim Member Kim Garam Has New Photos

The former member of the K-pop girl group Le Sserafim is now having a normal life, as shown by new pictures of her. After being cut off from the group and her companions, the young girl went back to her previous ways.

Even though she didn’t make her own social media account, her classmates have been posting updates about her life that show she’s just like any other student. SOPA, where she goes to school, has been home to many stars and trainees in the past. Because of this, the public is always watching her.

Fans were able to find Garam in the middle of a group of students who had just finished in recent pictures. Since the bullying scandal that got her kicked out of the business, fans have been watching to see if she would sign up with another agency and become an idol again.

She and her friends were accused of verbally abusing a fellow student for hours. When they looked into it more, they found out that they did meet, but only because that person had leaked private pictures of their friend.