Former ‘Party Down’ Cast Appears in Season 3 Finale

After Party Down was unexpectedly brought back to life, both the actors and the people who made the comedy cult classic were sad that one of the actors wasn’t there.

But the actor shows up at the end of the revival season of Party Down, when Adam Scott’s character Henry has just broken up with his new girlfriend Evie (Jennifer Garner).

Henry is working for Party Down again on the side while teaching English and drama at a high school. An old flame walks in while Henry is there. Of course, Lizzy Caplan, who plays Casey, couldn’t be in the season because of her schedule.

Caplan, Rob Thomas, and John Enbom, who helped make Party Down, talked to RollingStone about the surprise ending.

“I was supposed to be in this season, but scheduling problems and strict Covid rules made it impossible for me to be in it. It really broke my heart. We had all been waiting for it for a long time. So when they got in touch with me and said, “Hey, we can fly a splinter unit into New York to shoot this one little tag, we’ll sneak around. “Are you ready?” And I said, “Of course, of course!” Now that I’ve seen the whole thing, I’m really sad that I wasn’t there. But from the point of view of a story? A lot of praise. A-plus.”

“It was amazing to be able to pop in at the end, but I still feel like I didn’t get to come back. But yes, it was nice to know this little secret.”

“I probably worried more than I let on that people would think I didn’t want to come back or that they didn’t want me to come back. I told as many people as I could how sad it made me. And my castmates were very nice about making me feel like I was a part of it. I was in touch with them even though I wasn’t there. So it’s very, very bittersweet.”