Former Roommate Alleges ATM Fraud Plot by George Santos

A Brazilian man who pled guilty to fraud in a 2017 ATM skimming scheme claimed that Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was the leader of the Seattle-based organization.

In a sworn confession letter dated March 7 and obtained by Politico, Gustavo Ribeiro Trelha states he recognized George Anthony Devolder Santos on television, although under one of his last names, Anthony Devolder (George Anthony Devolder Santos). “I am coming forward today to state that George Santos / Anthony Devolder was in control of the credit card fraud crime when I was arrested,” he wrote. Deported for his crime, Trelha claims that he met future lawmaker Santos in 2016 when he rented a room in Florida. Santos showed him how to get information from cards and make copies of ATM and credit cards. He eventually traveled to Seattle, where, according to Trelha, the deal with Santos was 50/50. “That didn’t go so well because I was arrested,” he claims, adding that Santos visited him in jail and, “told me not to mention anything about him” while reportedly threatening and seizing his bail money.

Politico stated that U.S. state and federal agencies, as well as Brazilian authorities, are investigating Santos for several suspected financial crimes. Santos has not been found guilty of any scheme-related crimes. However, state and federal agencies in the United States, as well as Brazilian authorities, are all investigating him for a variety of alleged financial offenses, according to Politico. A lawyer for Santos did not reply to repeated requests from the media.