Glastonbury Festival to Use 100 Renewable Energy in 2023

The Glastonbury Festival organizers have said that all of the power for the 2023 event will come from green sources.

The Arctic Monkeys, Guns N’ Roses, and Elton John will be the headliners, and the event aims to be the most eco-friendly one yet. The organizers have explained how they will prioritize sustainability and decrease the event’s carbon footprint.

A post on social media says that green energy sources and renewable fuels will meet all of Glastonbury 2023’s power needs. This means that fossil fuels won’t be needed.

The social media post said, “We’re happy to say that all of Glastonbury 2023’s power needs will be met by renewable energy and renewable fuels. This means that the Festival won’t have to rely on fossil fuels for power.”

All of the generators at the event site will run on HVO fuel made from used cooking oil, which is sustainable and doesn’t use palm oil. This will reduce CO2e emissions.

Also, a portable wind turbine, solar panel, and battery system will produce up to 300kWh of energy per day to power food stalls in Williams Green.

This sustainability pledge is just one part of a bigger plan by the Festival’s organizers to make the Festival more eco-friendly. Plastic drink cups that can only be used once have been banned, and disposable vapes have also been banned.

All the dishes and cups used at the event can be used again or turned into compost. Any food that can’t be eaten will be turned into compost or sent for anaerobic digestion. Also, to cut down on trash that can’t be recycled and to encourage sustainable options, all crisps will be sold in packaging that can be composted.

Since 1984, fossil fuels haven’t been used on the Green Fields of the event. Going forward, solar, wind, and pedal power will be added.