Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney’s Rom-Com Anyone but You Chemistry on Display at CinemaCon

Monday night, Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney were on stage at Sony Pictures’ CinemaCon presentation to talk about their new movie “Anyone But You.” The chemistry between the two actors was clear to see.

The star of “Euphoria” and Powell had the same biting chemistry on stage as their characters did in the first teaser clip, which was shown at the panel.

Powell and Sweeney made fun of each other on stage by flirting with each other and calling each other names. Sweeney called Powell “Top Gun” in a joking way.

“I love it when she calls me that,” Powell said in response.

Sweeney later joked that she thought Powell was his “Top Gun: Maverick” co-star Miles Teller “until the fourth day of shooting,” and when Powell told her she was wrong, Sweeney joked again that she thought Powell was Tom Cruise.

They were reportedly spotted leaving the stage hand-in-hand as well.

Powell, who is still riding high from the success of “Top Gun: Maverick,” and Sweeney play two old college enemies who, at first glance, don’t seem to get along very well. “Anyone But You” was directed by Will Gluck.

When they act like a couple at a vacation wedding, they end up realizing how they really feel about each other. In the R-rated rom-com, the teaser showed clips of Powell and Sweeney pulling disgusting jokes on each other. There were also some raunchy and partially naked scenes.

Maybe it was a way to get people talking about romantic comedy, or maybe it was just an honest way for the two stars to show how much they like each other.

Just wait and see.