Golden Globe Winning Artist Jon Batiste Considers BTS V as an Influence

Jon Batiste, a singer who won a Golden Globe, said that V from the K-pop group BTS is his idol. They first became friends when their fans started talking about how they might meet at the Academy Awards.

In answer, the Academy Awards’ Twitter said that if the two people did end up meeting, they would post a picture of it. Jon then wrote in response to the tweet, “Love him. I’m in! Are you Kim Taehyung?”

He then started following V on Instagram and shared a cover of Autumn Leaves played on his trumpet by V. At the 2022 Grammy Awards, V attended to support Jon, who made history by winning Album of the Year for the first time. The two finally met at the event.

Later, they hung out together, laughing as V tried to teach Jon some Korean, and Jon followed Taehyung’s lead by thanking the hotel staff in Korean.

In a recent tweet, a fan asked the famous singer who he looked up to, and the singer quickly said Taehyung.