Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida Fails to Weaken Disney

Navigator Poll shows that Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s strategy of criticizing Walt Disney for embracing diversity and “Woke” ideals has backfired.

DeSantis tried to get more people to like him by comparing himself to big names like Disney, but the poll shows that he hasn’t been successful.

In fact, TheStreet says that DeSantis’s favorability numbers have gone down a lot since November, with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans all seeing double-digit drops.

On the other hand, the study shows that Disney’s reputation hasn’t changed much, as nearly two-thirds of Americans still like the company.

Also, the thought that America should be more like Florida, which DeSantis has pushed for, has become less popular among Americans of both parties.

The poll shows that DeSantis’s branding campaign and attempts to hurt Disney’s image have not gone over well with the public.