Guy Ritchie Hosts Lavish Coronation Celebrations for David and Victoria Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham had a big party over the last bank holiday weekend to celebrate the King’s crowning. In honor of the new King, the famous couple spent the day with their friends Guy Ritchie and his wife Jacqui.

The high-end fashion designer, who is 49, and the former football player, who is 48, posted photos of themselves on Instagram while they had champagne and scones.

In one of the posts, the guys could be seen leaning back in their chairs and holding glasses of fizz. Both David and Guy looked sharp in suits and ties, but David wore chino pants while Guy wore an all-black outfit.

David and the film director titled the picture “Celebrating in style” and then wrote about their coronation-themed desserts, such as trifles, strawberries, and cream.

The couple also posted pictures of themselves with their children, including one of their son Romeo and his wife Victoria with the words “Celebrating with family this amazing weekend.”

Victoria wrote about the party from her own point of view on social media. She posted a picture of herself and Jacqui, saying, “Love you, too!!!!”

The ex-spice posted a second selfie of herself and another pal with the message, “Amazing weekend celebrating with friends.”

In their social media pictures, the couple also showed their support for and happiness for the new King.