Gwyneth Paltrow Triumphs in Ski Accident Lawsuit from 2016

The ski accident case has been decided in Gwyneth Paltrow’s favor. The final decision came out on Friday.

Paltrow was not found to be at fault for her ski accident with retired optometrist Terry Sanderson in 2016. The star of Shakespeare in Love was also given the amount she asked for in her countersuit.

On Friday, a jury in Park City, Utah, decided that Sanderson was to blame for the accident. The actress also got the $1 she asked for in a countersuit from the court.

Paltrow’s lawyer, Stephen W. Owens, said that the actor didn’t have anything to say right away, but that her legal team would soon talk to the press.

During the last part of the trial, Sanderson’s lawyers said that their client “Terry was not the same person when he went home that night. He never went back. Terry has tried to get off that mountain, but he’s still there.”

After the jury talked about the case this morning, Utah Judge Kent Holmberg gave ABC News, Court TV, and The Associated Press permission to cover the verdict and show Paltrow and Sanderson’s reactions.

The actress strongly denied that the downhill accident was her fault and sued Sanderson for $1.

Paltrow has often said that she feels bad about Sanderson’s mental health worsening, but that she is not to blame.

“I was skiing and looking downhill, as you do, and Mr. Sanderson skied right into me,” Paltrow said in court last week. She also said that she yelled, “Get away from me!”

“You skied into my **** back.” During the hearing, Paltrow said that she first thought someone was “sexually assaulting” her because “he was making some strange noises that sounded male.” This was one of the stranger things she said.

The jury reached a verdict after hearing testimony for more than seven days from Paltrow, Sanderson, two of his daughters, and witnesses who saw what occurred immediately after the collision.