Halle Bailey Finally Addresses the Racial Comments Made About Little Mermaid Casts

Recently, Halle Bailey shared her response to the racist remarks regarding her role in The Little Mermaid.

It is important to note that the actress received online criticism from users who stated that she did not resemble the original white version of Ariel from Disney.

In a recent interview with Edition magazine, the 22-year-old stated, “Seeing the world’s reaction was certainly shocking.”

Halle continued, “However, witnessing the reactions of all the infants and all the brown and black young women was incredibly traumatic for me.”

Earlier, following the release of the Disney film’s trailer, a number of parents posted videos of their children’s reactions.

A little girl stated, “I believe she’s brown.”

In numerous other videos, children reacted favorably to Halle’s casting, with one girl stating that Ariel “looks like Rapunzel and Tiana combined; she has dreadlocks.”