Harper Beckham Shows Off Her Culinary Abilities with Dad David Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham wants to be a chef, but his younger sister Harper, who is only 11, is already a great cook.

Victoria Beckham, who is 49 years old, shared a cute video of her husband, David Beckham, and their daughter, Harper, cooking together on Instagram. Fans were amazed by Harper’s cooking skills when her father and she made a delicious meal of fresh salsa and chicken tacos and showed off their luxurious Cotswolds home.

David made the burritos, and the video showed Harper boldly chopping onions as she made the salsa. Harper danced salsa and playfully waved a tea towel in the air while music fun in the background. She had a big smile on her face the whole time.

David Beckham also said that their lunch choice was influenced by the new movie Flamin’ Hot, which was made by Victoria’s close friend Eva. In his own words, “We are making burritos, inspired by Flamin’ Hot movie by Eva, our friend.”

Victoria wrote in the description for the video, “Salsa Saturday!! When @Davidbeckham and #HarperSeven are inspired by @Flaminhotmovie @Evalongoria!! Kisses @peggygou.”