Harry and Meghan’s public requests for privacy are cruelly mocked by South Park

On Wednesday night, South Park cruelly made fun of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s public requests for seclusion. In the cartoon episode titled “The World-Wide Privacy Tour,” the royal couple traveled the world in a private plane while carrying signs that read, “Stop looking at us!” and “We want our privacy!” In one scenario, the pair appeared on a Canadian talk program, and the host questioned Harry’s hypocrisy for writing about his family in the book “Waaagh.” Given Meghan’s significant media activity, the host also questions how much privacy she really wants, saying: “I just believe some people could suggest that your Instagram-loving bitch wife actually doesn’t want her privacy.” “How dare you, sir! Roars back the animated Harry. My sexist, Instagram-obsessed wife has always demanded privacy.”