Harry Styles Delays Cardiff Gig by Telling Pregnant Woman to ‘Go for a Wee’

Harry Styles stopped performing at his sold-out Love On Tour show at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium so a pregnant mother named Sian and her partner, Elliot, could use the bathroom.

Styles had seen the couple before when, during a break in the show, they threw a cup onstage with the words “Name our baby” written on it. The singer was glad to help them out.

Before he talked about the “Name our Baby” cup that Sian and Elliot threw onstage during his concert, Styles stopped the show so Sian could quickly use the bathroom and not miss any of the show.

He said to the crowd, “I think we all agree that it’s important that Sian goes for a wee, don’t we?”

Then, the singer from Sign of the Times asked, “Do you know what I’m gonna do this one time? You go for a wee; I’m gonna stall.”

While Harry was waiting for Sian to come back, he talked to friends in the crowd. He even talked to one person about their recent failed MOT.

When he saw Sian go back to her spot, he cheered and then asked the couple what names they were thinking of for a boy and a girl.

After talking with the couple about possible names for their baby, Harry asked the crowd to help him choose between Stevie, Harley, Rafe, and Caleb. The name “Stevie” got the biggest cheer.