Harry Styles Strolls Through London in Fashionable Adidas Co-Ord Before Wembley Event

Harry Styles was wearing a laid-back brown Adidas co-ord in London as he got ready for his Love on Show tour show at Wembley on Tuesday night.

The 29-year-old singer wore white sneakers, a baseball cap, and sunglasses to finish off his outfit. This gave him a casual and understated look.

He walked by Selfridges with a white Disney shoulder bag from Italy and a man bag across his back.

Harry saved his flashier clothes for the stage and walked through the city with headphones on and a drink in his hand.

The former member of One Direction showed off his toned legs and brown skin, which showed off his knee tattoos.

The singer for the band As It Was just finished his tour at Slane Castle in Ireland. He is now getting ready for shows in Edinburgh.

The star is said to have checked into his hotel under the name “Oliver Sudden,” which is thought to be a play on the phrase “all of a sudden.”

This could be a reference to how quickly Harry’s life changed after he was on The X Factor, an ITV reality show that is no longer on air.

A person who worked at the hotel said, “We all giggled when we saw the name – it took a while to work out what it meant.”