HBO President Casey Bloys Speaks Out About the Writers’ Strike

HBO’s boss, Casey Bloys, has been asked to mediate a resolution to the WGA and network standoff.

“First, let me just start by saying I am hopeful that a fair resolution is found soon with writers that would, of course, return talent to this stage. Let’s be honest, making this a far more entertaining show. Until then, you’re kind of stuck with me and my clips,” the head of content for HBO Max said.

It’s important to note that this is the first strike by writers in 15 years.

Also, the writers’ strike has stopped the late-night shows from working.

But Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon, two hosts on NBC, have chosen to pay staff during the shutdown.

After the WGA strike, the studio told the staff of Fallon’s Tonight Show and Meyers’ Late Night that they will be paid for two weeks.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Meyers and Fallon will help pay their workers’ third-week salaries, including their health insurance, until September.