‘Hellbound’ Actor Yoo Ah in Allegedly Tried to Help Accomplice Escape

During a drug investigation, South Korean star Yoo Ah In is said to have tried to help his partner leave the country. On May 22, the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office asked for a warrant to arrest the star.

Another arrest warrant was asked for his partner, who is said to be a writer who went to an art school. On May 19, it was said that the police had asked for a warrant because they thought the actor would try to get rid of the proof.

It seems that this particular reason for the order was given after they learned that he had tried to help his partner get out of the country. On May 22, the cops issued a statement that said:

“We felt an arrest warrant was necessary because (Yoo Ah In) had denied the charges even after the investigation, the fact that the type and number of abused drugs have increased, and the fact he has an accomplice.”

The star has been involved in a case about illegal drug use for a long time. At first, the investigation was focused on his use of Propofol. But when the star gave a sample of his urine and hair for testing, it turned out that he had been using marijuana, Propofol, cocaine, and ketamine.