Holly Willoughby Forced Phillip Schofield to Leave ‘This Morning’

Phillip Schofield, a co-host on This Morning, thinks he had no choice but to quit the show after quitting. His firing comes after rumors that he and his co-host, Holly Willoughby, got into a fight.

In a private conversation, the two people are said to have understood. Phillip agreed to leave the show on the condition that he would get a solo gig and be considered for other shows like Dancing on Ice.

After 21 years of hosting the show, it looks like the host gave in to his co-host’s demand that either he or she would leave. He thanked his friends for their support in a post on social media, but he didn’t say anything about Holly.

People say that their long-term friendship is over because Phillip didn’t tell Holly about his brother’s case of child sexual abuse, for which he was just given a twelve-year sentence.

“Phil’s fate was decided on Friday,” a person told The Mirror. It was a unanimous decision that he had to go. He was upset but firm that if he was going to walk away, he wanted to keep his roles on The Cube, the British Soap Awards, and Dancing on Ice – crucially, with or without Holly. It has all been worked out in the smoothest way possible, but behind the scenes, he has told friends he has been hung out to dry. And his friendship with Holly is now in tatters.”