Holly Willoughby Looks Comfy as She Boards a Helicopter Bound for Glastonbury

This Morning’s host Holly Willoughby didn’t look nervous as she got into a helicopter to go to “the wokest Glastonbury ever.” She seems to be moving on from the Phillip Schofield scandal now that her husband, Dan Baldwin is with her.

The couple was seen on their way to a landing pad in Battersea. This was after the big scandal about the former co-host of This Morning, who quit after 20 years and said she had an affair with a younger guy.

Holly looked as ready as ever to go to the event in a fringed jacket with stripes that cost around £1000, denim cut-off shorts, and trendy boots. Two of the couple’s friends also came to the event. Arctic Monkeys will be the main act on the Pyramid stage for the first night.

Schofield, who was 61 years old, quit the show and then quit the network after admitting to having an “unwise, but not illegal” affair with a much younger male coworker while still married.

When the host told his network and talent agency that he had been lying to his coworkers, friends, and family, he was kicked off the show and dropped by the agency.