Horror Crash Leads to Arrest of ‘General Hospital’ Star for DUI

According to TMZ, General Hospital star Haley Pullos was arrested for DUI last month after she swerved into oncoming traffic and hit a 60 mph car head-on.

The 24-year-old actress reportedly got angry when emergency workers helped her out of her wrecked car in Pasadena on April 29. According to a police report, she hit a firefighter checking on her injuries and yelled, “This is a $400 f***ing shirt!” The report also says that Pullos’ car was full of edible cannabis and small bottles of tequila and that cops thought she was clearly drunk. She was arrested at the hospital, where she reportedly kept getting violent with staff and had to be put to sleep.

TMZ says that the driver of the other car that was in the accident lived, but they had serious injuries. The news source also said that police said Pullos was in a hit-and-run accident before the big accident on the road in Pasadena and that the local fire department shared pictures of the big accident to show how dangerous it is to drive after drinking.