House Ethics Committee Investigates GOP’s George Santos

The House Ethics Committee said on Thursday that it would start an investigation into Republican Rep. George Santos, a New York congressman who has been in trouble because he has lied and exaggerated about his resume and personal life.

The bipartisan committee leaders stated that the panel had decided unanimously to establish a subcommittee to investigate the accusations. The panel voted on Tuesday to take action.

The investigation seems extensive as it attempts to investigate, among other things, “whether Representative George Santos may have participated in criminal behavior related to his 2022 congressional campaign.”

The investigation will find out if Santos didn’t include the required information on statements he filed with the House if he broke federal conflict of interest laws in his job at a firm that provides fiduciary services, and/or if he was sexually inappropriate with someone who wanted to work in his congressional office.

The investigation will be led by the Republican Representative David Joyce of Ohio and the Democrat Representative Susan Wild of Pennsylvania, along with two other congressmen from each party.

Santos had previously resigned from his committee assignments, but he has rebuffed requests from New York Republicans to resign from office.

“The Committee observes that the mere establishment of an Investigative Subcommittee is insufficient evidence of a breach,” the statement read.