How the Black Girls Museum Inspires and Motivates a Generation of Black Women

The Museum for Black Girls endeavors to raise awareness of African-American women’s impact on daily life.

“It’s difficult to find places where it’s acceptable to be yourself with the hair that grows out of your head, but you can celebrate that here. You celebrate the rollers you put in your hair, the hot comb, the afros, and your natural hair, and simply being yourself, “Charlie Billingsley, the museum’s founder, stated.

The museum opened in 2019 after a touring exhibition commemorating the existence, contributions, and beauty of Black women made stops in Colorado, Houston, and Washington, D.C.

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Billingsley and her team transformed a shop into an immersive experience that provides information on pioneering Black women, a walk down memory lane with a reproduction of grandma’s kitchen, and a plethora of interactive art doubling as photo opportunities.

“We like to say we’re reimagining what a museum looks like. Hence, this area is rather more festive,” Billingsley stated. It is simply a different type of venue where we may learn, celebrate, and love one another.

Billingsley stated that she desires the museum to encourage women to love and accept themselves and increase their self-assurance regarding their place in society.

“We want them to leave feeling inspired, driven, and loved, so they can go out into the world and pursue their dreams,” she said.