‘How to Train Your Dragon’ Live-Action Film Casts Hiccup and Astrid

How to Train Your Dragon in real life has found its main actors.

The Hollywood reporter said on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, that Mason Thames and Nico Parker will be the main characters in Universal’s DreamWorks Animation.

Thames will play Hiccup, the awkward 15-year-old son of the village chief, Stoick the Vast, who doesn’t want to become a dragon killer like the rest of the clan. As he tries to prove himself, he makes friends with Night Fury, a rare and dangerous dragon, and calls him Toothless.

The movie series follows Hiccup and Toothless as they try to stop people from being afraid of dragons, deal with the pain of losing a parent, and fall in love for the first time.

Nico Parker will play Astrid, a young woman who is smart and brave and has a big crush on Hiccup. The character doesn’t like dragons at first, but when she finds a dragon to be friends with, she changes her mind.

Thames is best known for her roles in The Black Phone and Walker and for her guest appearances on For All Mankind and Forever.

Parker played Sarah Miller in the first episode of The Last of Us on HBO. She also had parts in the movies Dumbo and The Third Day.

Dean DeBlois wrote and is directing the movie. Marc Platt and Adam Siegel, who have been nominated for the best picture Oscar three times, are producing it.

The movie will come out on March 14, 2025, and shooting could start this summer.