Hugh Grant Claims Murdoch Tabloid Burgled His House and Monitored His Phone

Hugh Grant says that the U.K. newspaper The Sun, owned by Rupert Murdoch, broke into his house, listened in on his phone calls, and put a tracking device on his car so that they could write stories about his personal life.

Thursday, the star went to court for his case against News Group Newspapers, which owns The Sun. In a statement to the court, Grant said, “My claim concerns unlawful acts committed by the Sun, including burglaries to order, the breaking and entering of private property in order to obtain private information through bugging, landline tapping, phone hacking, and the use of private investigators to do all these and other illegal things against me.” After talking to a private investigator, who Grant said “showed, for the first time, evidence that The Sun had directly targeted illegal activity at my associates and me,” he linked a break-in at his London home in 2011 to the tabloid.

The 62-year-old man has already paid with News Group Newspapers. After one of the publisher’s newspapers hacked into his phone, he got money from the settlement.