Iconic Musician Quincy Jones Went to the Hospital with a Health Scare

On Saturday, legendary songwriter and music icon Quincy Jones had to be rushed to the hospital because he was sick.

The 28-time Grammy winner got sick from something he ate. But after his medical test, he was ruled not to have anything serious wrong with him.

The Soul Bossa Nova Star representative called paramedics to the house as a safeguard.

TMZ says he was taken to the hospital for a checkup and later let go.

His representative told the newspaper that the famous songwriter stayed awake and in “great spirits” during this whole thing, which shows how strong he is.

In 2019, Quincy won his 28th Grammy for his documentary Quincy, which won the award for best music picture.

This made him the only artist still alive to have won 28 Grammys.

Quincy’s long, successful career spans more than seven decades, and he has worked with many actors, directors, and singers during that time.

Quincy got ten different kinds of awards, like producer, album, and song of the year.

He wrote a score for the movie The Color Purple by Steven Spielberg that was later nominated for an Oscar.

He also put together music for singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, and Peggy Lee.