Idaho House Of Representatives Votes Against Requiring Student IDs at the Polls

According to the Idaho Capitol Sun, the Idaho House of Representatives voted to prohibit Idahoans from using student identification cards at the polls. The state Senate will now consider the legislation.

“The problem with student ID cards is that they are not secure,” said Republican representative Tina Lambert during a session in which representatives voted along party lines. “No proof of identity is necessary to obtain one. Some will argue that this legislation will prohibit young people from voting. This is not the objective. The objective is to ensure that only eligible voters participate in Idaho elections.” Natalie MacLachlan, a local Democratic candidate, criticized the move on Twitter, calling it voter suppression. She commented, “Just so we’re all clear, student IDs have been outlawed as acceptable voter IDs, but a permit to carry a firearm is okay.” This is voter suppression and a deliberate attempt to sway the electorate!