In a Frank Interview, Kesha Discussed the ‘Saddest Moment’ of Her Life

Kesha recently talked up about the “saddest moment of my life” – her infamous rebuff from Jerry Seinfeld.

Kesha reminisced on the viral incident that occurred in 2017 during an event held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., during an appearance on Tom Scharpling’s The Best Show podcast.

“Do you want to know the whole story?” she said, indicating her desire to tell the entire story. “It’s really sad. You’re going to get lots of clicks after this because I don’t think I’ve ever told the whole story.”

Kesha gave the context of the viral event that occurred in 2017 at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. She claimed that David Lynch had taught her transcendental meditation (TM), and he had requested her to participate in a charity event. Despite her exhaustion from her current tour, Kesha consented since she respected David Lynch and had heard Jerry Seinfeld would be there.

Kesha had found solace in Seinfeld’s legendary show during stressful trips. She recalls bringing DVDs of Seinfeld episodes with her on overseas trips and watching them anytime there was turbulence. The show brought a sense of familiarity and confidence.

Kesha was looking forward to meeting Seinfeld at the charity event because she believed he would bring her calm, love, and positivity. However, things went downhill when Seinfeld refused to hug her in front of the cameras. Kesha characterized the experience as the “most depressing, hilarious, but also so sad” of her life.

The interaction was documented in a viral video by radio DJ Tommy McFly, in which Kesha stated her appreciation for Seinfeld and requested a hug, only to be declined with a polite “No, thanks” from Seinfeld himself.

Seinfeld later spoke with Extra about the event, stating that his refusal was not personal and expressing his penchant for not embracing strangers. He stressed that, at 63, he does not know every pop artist and does not feel comfortable hugging someone he does not know. In his reality, Seinfeld prefers to greet someone and say hello before engaging in physical contact, according to Seinfeld.

Following the snub, Kesha confessed that she briefly pondered giving up hugs entirely. However, she acknowledged hugging’s beauty and charm as a significant exchange of pleasant energy between spirits. Kesha emphasized the importance of embracing showing acceptance, and creating bonds. She eventually decided not to let the incident affect her mind about the power of hugs.