‘Indiana Jones’ Producer Sheds Tears for Harrison Ford’s Tribute

As Harrison Ford leaves the Indiana Jones series, producer Simon Emanuel gave him a great send-off.

“The very last day shooting was really emotional, and I’ll never forget it,” the producer told Metro.

“We called wrap, we all had a toast and it was really emotional for lots of people. But particularly Harrison,” she said.

Simon also thought that the experienced actor would have a special place in his heart for the Indy character.

“I think it’s his favorite character; out of the characters he’s played, it’s… no, it’s his favorite character. So I’m sure saying goodbye it’s quite something,” he went on.

“I know he’s very happy to say I’m not coming back. But I think also to know you’re not coming back, it’s quite emotional.”

In other news, it looks like Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie will lose a lot of money, since it only made $60 million in its first weekend in the United States from 4,600 screens.

The Wrap said that the movie didn’t do well overseas either, as it only made $70 million from 52 markets, giving it a total of $130 million in its first week.