Is Kanye West’s Recent Action Dangerous to His Health

Kanye West, who just turned 46 and is no longer married to Kim Kardashian, made waves on social media last week when he served women as plates for sushi.

Nyotaimori was part of an American rapper’s party. This Japanese custom means serving sushi and seafood off of a woman’s body.

Many people on social media called out the founder of Yeezy for being rude to women. A food scientist said that what the father of four did was not safe.

Dr. Bryan Quoc Le, a food and beverage expert and the author of “150 Food Science Questions Answered,” says that it’s not very clean to eat off of another person, especially sushi.

He says, “One of the issues with eating food off a person’s body, especially raw fish, is that human skin contains a very large load of microorganisms.”

Bryan says, “the most common skin pathogen is Staphylococcus aureus, which causes pneumonia and blood infections.”

Dr. Quoc Le says that germs can only be removed from the body if the model has “done a thorough cleaning of their skin with chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, chlorinated agents, or rubbing alcohol.”

West turned 46 years old earlier this week. According to a number of photos and videos shared on social media, nyotaimori was done at the rapper’s party. It’s often called “body sushi” for clear reasons, and women are used as actual serving trays.