Is This Morning Host Holly Willoughby Leaving

Holly Willoughby has taken references to This Morning off of her social media accounts because of a scandal involving Phillip Schofield. This has left fans wondering what will happen to her on the show.

Willoughby changed her Twitter and Instagram profiles to make people think she was leaving the ITV show, even though she was planning to return to the network.

Holly’s future on the show has been in question since her big fight with her friend and co-host Phillip Schofield, even though she is the main face.

Schofield, who is 61 years old, said he had lied about having a relationship with a much younger male employee, even though he had told Holly, who is 42, that it was just a rumor.

Holly was said to have grown apart from Schofield after his shocking departure from This Morning. She also took a long break, but she’s due back on Monday, June 5.

Willoughby says, “User who fakes friendships and ignores team.”

The bio for the TV star now says, “Broadcaster. Founder @wyldemoon. Brand ambassador for Marks & Spencer and Garnier.”

People think Willoughby won’t stay on the show for long and will soon leave This Morning because of her best friend Schofield’s shocking news about his affair with a young man.

But someone who knows Holly told the Mirror that the host has no plans to leave This Morning.