Jamie Foxx Is ‘Awake and Alert’ While Recovering in the Hospital

Jamie Foxx is getting better after being taken to the hospital last week for a medical problem.

People Magazine heard from a person that Jamie Foxx is “OK.”

“He’s still in the hospital, where doctors are doing tests, but he’s awake and aware. They’re keeping an eye on him,” the source told the news outlet.

Multiple sources had told the news outlet before that the Oscar winner, who is 55, is slowly getting better as he works to get better in a Georgia hospital.

Foxx was in Georgia to film Back in Action when the thing happened. People confirmed that it didn’t happen on set and that he wasn’t taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

On April 12, 2023, his daughter Corinne Fox was the first person to tell people about his health. She said that the actor’s trip to the hospital was a “medical complication,” but she didn’t say anything else about his condition or what caused the medical emergency.

She also said, “Thanks to quick action and good care, he is already on the way to getting better.” We know how much he is loved, and thank you for your prayers.”

People say that the movie stopped being made because of Foxx’s sudden health problem. On Thursday, filming started up again with a stand-in for the character.

Foxx stars in the new Netflix movie with Cameron Diaz and Glenn Close. He was last seen shooting on April 10. Foxx was in the hospital, so one person did his stunts, and another person took his pictures.