Jan Tománek Discusses ‘Goat Story’s Online Success

Jan Tománek, who wrote and directed the independent animated film Goat Story from the Czech Republic, recently talked about the movie and how it became famous in a way that surprised him.

In the 2008 movie Goat Story, the main male character, Jemmy, is a Czech peasant who falls in love with the main female character, Katie (Máca in Czech). Katie is a stylized version of a Czech girl. She embodies the phrase “blood and milk,” which refers to rosy-cheeked Czech country girls.

Tománek talked about the debate over how Katie’s character was made, especially her big chest. In an interview with Variety, he said that people who dislike this style are hypocritical because they don’t mind cartoon characters with big noses.

Even though there was no violence in Goat Story, it was given a PG-13 rating in the United States because of how Katie looked. Violence seems to be accepted at a different level.

Tománek worked on each of the two Goat Story movies for more than five years with a small team of about 15 3D animators and graphics artists.

He did all the writing, directing, and art for the movies himself. The Czech Republic liked the movies, and more than 350,000 people went to see them in theaters, making them the most popular animation movies in the country’s history. Some people loved the movies, while others hated them. This is similar to how people feel about things online today.

The new interest in Goat Story and Katie seems to be mostly an American YouTube trend, where people make memes and gifs about the character.

Tománek said that he doesn’t know much about the gay community of Generation Z, which seems to like Katie’s gifs a lot, so he can’t explain what drives them.

The sequel to Goat Story was called Goat Story 2: With Cheese. It came out in 2012 and was made for a smaller audience. But Tománek admits that movies and culture have changed a lot since then, which makes it hard to say if there will be a Goat Story 3.