Jennie of Blackpink Addresses a Brawl That Broke Out During Their Concert

On May 21st and 22nd, K-pop group Blackpink brought their Born Pink tour all the way to Macau for a show. Even though the show went off without a hitch, rumors of a fight started to spread afterward.

A girl who went to the show said that a man had attacked her. This started the rumors. “I got hit after coming here to watch a concert alone. I feel so wronged.”

She also said, “My photo captured him and his girlfriend. They were a few rows behind me but squeezed their way to where I was. Then, I saw the girl kept staring at me, and just a little bit later, I got hit by the man.”

Later, a video of a group of guys fighting each other started to make the rounds on Chinese social media sites. Then, a clip showed Jennie seeing something in the crowd that worried her, and then she told the staff to help.

One person on the Internet said, “This is so shameful. Jennie saw the two guys fighting and got the staff to intervene. I’m speechless.”