Jennie of Blackpink Alters the Sexist Lyrics of Their Song ‘Typa Girl’

Jennie, a member of the K-pop group Blackpink, is getting a lot of attention for changing the lyrics to their song “Typa Girl” that were mean to women. They made history when they were the first K-pop group to perform as the main act at the popular music festival Coachella.

The song’s lyrics say, “I’m not at all like these other girls at all.” Fans thought this was misogynistic because it seemed to make fun of and look down on certain types of women, which goes against Blackpink’s usual feminist image.

It should be noted, however, that songwriter Bekuh Boom, and not any of the girls, was responsible for the song’s composition. When Jennie sang the song at the festival, she changed the words to “I’m not like these other boys at all.”

The change takes out the sexist part of the lyrics, which made fans of the group happy. They thought it was great that the singer and rapper stood up and fought against stereotypes about women.