Jennifer Aniston Gets in Trouble for Saying Kids Find ‘Friends’ Offensive

Jennifer Aniston’s claim that “a whole generation” of kids now find Friends “offensive” started a debate online.

It’s “really hard for comedians” now, says Aniston, 54, who became famous overnight for her role as Rachel Green on the smash hit sitcom of the ’90s.

The Morning Show actress told AFP, “You could make fun of a bigot and have a good time.” “It’s getting harder now, so you have to be careful.”

“And now we can’t do that anymore. She said, “Comedy has changed, and so have movies.”

“There’s a whole generation of kids who now watch Friends episodes and find them offensive,” the actress from Murder Mystery said.

But people on the Internet said that they didn’t agree with what she said. “I love FRIENDS, but there are a lot of things that haven’t held up well over time, like the lack of racial diversity, “Fat Monica,” Chandler’s “dad,” etc., and I think this kind of criticism should be encouraged instead of shamed. And if someone doesn’t like old or offensive parts, that’s fine too,” one Twitter user wrote.

Others talked about how “offensive” jokes are made on TV today. “No one finds it offensive; people just don’t find it funny,” said someone else.