Jennifer Aniston Is on the Lookout for a Friend After Two Divorces

Jennifer Aniston is enjoying her life as a single woman after going through two painful divorces. However, she has apparently not given up on finding a friend with whom she can spend the rest of her life in her 50s.

The 54-year-old former Friends star seems confident that she will soon find the right person to settle down with, even though her two marriages to movie stars ended in divorce.

A source told Us Weekly that Jen is sure she will meet the right person in the end.

Rachel Green from the hit American sitcom is still known as the fitness diva and one of the hottest singles. Her work is going well, and she has friends like Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock.

After getting divorced from “Once Upon a Time” star Brad Pitt and actor and director Justin Theroux, Aniston’s love life has been hard.

Even if she never finds love again, she will be fine as long as she has her fur children and friends to warm her heart: The source said, “She’s not going to beat herself up if it doesn’t happen. She is fine on her own.”

“Jennifer is in a great place. She’s happy, healthy and fulfilled by her career, family, and friends, and has been through a lot, but she feels blessed to be thriving personally and professionally,” the insider said.

From 2000 to 2005, Aniston and Pitt were married. After he met Angelina Jolie in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” with whom he has six children.

She married her Wanderlust co-star Justin in 2015, but they split up in 2018. They have stayed friends, and when she goes to New York City, where he lives, they are often seen together. She said she tried to have kids, but it didn’t work out.