Jennifer Aniston Wore a Heavy Lehenga in ‘Murder Mystery 2’

Jennifer Aniston revealed that she wore a traditional lehenga in Murder Mystery 2 to promote the forthcoming Netflix comedy.

Aniston wore an ivory-colored chikankari lehenga in the Murder Mystery 2 promotional image. During her virtual interview with PTI, the 54-year-old actress praised the “beautiful” lehenga by renowned Indian fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

The Friends alum revealed that legendary Hollywood costume designer Debra Mcguire selected the ensemble she wore during the film’s Indian wedding scene.

The dress, which took about three months to make, was called “beautiful” by Aniston. “I was unprepared for how incredibly heavy it was,” she said.

“So much respect for all the beautiful Indian women who must not only wear it but also dance. We had a wonderful time,” she continued.

Adam Sandler, Aniston’s co-star and participant in the conversation, stated that Aniston “looked stunning” in the lehenga.

“Thank you, darling,” she replied to her co-compliment. star’s

Aniston also discussed filming the Indian wedding scene “What about the clothing department? That was a large crowd. There were many people, and the weather was beautiful. The setting was also exquisite.”

“The wedding scene took the most time to film. The music was also excellent. I believe that the tradition of dancing at weddings was incredible. We witnessed an Indian wedding. Does the elephant typically attend the wedding?” she continued.

On March 31, Murder Mystery 2 will be available to watch on Netflix.