Jennifer Garner Praises Jackie Chan’s Legacy

Jennifer Garner recently said on social media how much she likes the famous Jackie Chan.

On July 4, the 13 Going on 30 actress re-posted a clip from Chan’s new movie Ride On with his on-screen daughter Liu Haocun that had gone popular.

In the touching clip, Chan and his on-screen daughter enjoyed the best parts of his real-life mixed martial arts career. But both the action star and Haocun got teary-eyed when they watched clips from his old movies where he did dangerous stunts that hurt him.

The Peppermint actress couldn’t help but praise the actor, calling him “the kindest, gentlest, most mischievous, talented genius” in the photo’s description.

Netizens were amazed by Chan’s legendary career after the clip went popular, and they shared their thoughts on social media.

A few people online got confused and thought that the actress was his real daughter, which is important to note.

But this is a scene from one of his new movies, Ride On, in which he plays a stunt man and the girl in the clip is his on-screen daughter.

Chan’s real daughter is Etta Ng, who goes by the name Xiao Long Nu in the media. When she came out as gay, the star kicked her out of the family.

Chan told Cinema Online in 2013 that he didn’t pay enough attention to his real-life daughter. He added, “I can’t help myself but break into tears when filming scenes with Tian Jing because it will remind me of my Xiao Long Nu. I have neglected her for the longest time.”