Jennifer Lawrence Wears Modest Slippers Under Dior Gown at Cannes Red Carpet

Jennifer Lawrence walked down the red carpet at Cannes on Sunday, May 21, 2023, for the premiere of the French film Anatomie D’une Chute (Anatomy of a Fall). She did so with ease and poise.

The 32-year-old Oscar-winning actress wore a bright red handmade couture dress with a round bodice, flared skirt, and long train. The dress was sleeveless and had a rounded bodice. The outfit reminded me of her Calvin Klein Oscars dress from 2011. It was the same color and really stood out.

The stylist Jamie Mizrahi added a similar draped shrug and a sparkling zigzag diamond necklace to finish the look.

But when it came to shoes, Lawrence didn’t wear fancy high-heeled stilettos or formal sandals. Instead, she wore a pair of simple, easy black rubber flip-flops.

The style choice showed Lawrence’s famous sense of humor and ability to connect with people. It also sent a message that comfort should come first when needed, even on the red carpet at Cannes.

Besides making powerful fashion statements, the Hunger Games veteran showed up to the screenings with her own video about the plight of women in Afghanistan during the reign of the Taliban called Bread and Roses.

According to Lawrence’s friend and fellow producer Justine Ciarrocchi, who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, “Jen’s first response was to find an Afghan film-maker and give them a platform.”

Bread and Roses, written and directed by Sahra Mani, is about three Afghan women after the Taliban took over Kabul.

The American Hustle star told the BBC, “My heart was beating so fast watching these women defy the Taliban.”

“You don’t see this side of the story, women fighting back, in the news every day, and it’s an important part of our film, and the stories of these women. They currently have no autonomy within their country. It is so important for them to be given the opportunity to document their own story, in their own way.”