Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Doing ‘Phenomenally‘ Amid Allegations of Difficult Marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “closer than ever” and loving their lives, but the news is full of stories that their marriage is in trouble.

When asked about their relationship, a source told Entertainment Tonight that the actor from Shotgun Wedding and the actor from Argo is “doing phenomenally.”

“They’re closer than ever and both happy about it. “They feel like a team and are in a good mood,” the source said.

This comes after rumors that Affleck is tired of living with J.Lo because she loves to rule his life so much that it makes him feel like he’s suffocating, and he wants some space from his wife.

The two were seen fighting multiple times, which seemed to back up the rumors. This happened at the opening of Lopez’s latest movie, The Mother, and another time, Affleck was caught slamming a car door after Lopez got in.

A source said before that Affleck is “burned out” and just needs his own place because it’s hard for him to take care of their blended family and work simultaneously.

But the first person said that Affleck “loves how talented, smart, and loyal Jen is” and that “they lean on each other and help each other out.”