Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have Another Awkward Exchange

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had another tense moment on the red carpet after they got back together as a couple. In the two years, they’ve been together, this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this in public.

On May 10, they went to the opening of Jennifer’s new movie, The Mother. She was making emotional gestures toward her husband, who looked back at her with a frustrated face.

A similar nervous moment happened when the couple went to the Grammys, and Jennifer told Ben to try to look like he was having fun. The moment was caught on film, and Jennifer said, “Look friendlier. Look determined.”

Ben was caught yelling at her at the opening of her movie Shotgun Wedding in January. This led to their meeting.

Jennifer is seen as the main character in The Mother. She is a killer who is forced to leave her life behind when she quits her job to protect her daughter. She looked amazing at the opening, where she wore a sparkling cream top with a long skirt. Ben decided to wear a classic black suit with a white button-down shirt.