Jeremy Renner’s ‘Death Hoax’ Goes Viral on Twitter, and His Followers Freak Out

The fake news that Jeremy Renner had died has caused a big stir on Twitter.

A story spread fake news that Jeremy, who was 52 years old, had died after getting hurt on an escalator.

“Jeremy Renner, actor, passes away at age 52 from freak escalator accident,” the fake news said. “Avengers star was left in a critical condition and died peacefully in San Jose hospital.”

After the death rumor spread, many friends and Twitter users came forward to talk about how they felt about it. Many of them thought that the news was true and wrote “RIP,” which made the star a trend on Twitter.

But there is no proof of the story right now. However, the Guardian is said to have leaked the news.

On the other hand, some people on social media thought it was very silly to spread such news. They didn’t think it was worth it to believe such rumors.

Fans of Jeremy were very angry about the fake death news, and they said so on Twitter.

You can find proof that the Marvel actor is healthy and alive by doing an easy Google search.

Also, India Today says that Renner shared two videos soon after the death hoax.