Jimin from BTS’ New Song Has Been Declared Unfit for Broadcast

Songs from K-pop group BTS member Jimin’s first solo album have been banned from airplay. The singer’s full album, including the title track “Like Crazy,” will be released on March 24.

Koreaboo says that on March 22, rumors started to spread that KBS had looked at all of the songs on the upcoming album and decided that three were not good enough to be broadcast. Like Crazy, Face-Off, and Alone are the names of these songs.

The album will have six songs, five of which were written by Jimin and three by RM, another member of BTS. One of the songs, “Face-Off,” written by RM, has a lot of slang, swear words, and words that aren’t appropriate for children.

Jimin also put out a track called “Set Me Free Pt. 2” before his album came out. This track was an instant hit.