Jinni, Former NMIXX Member, Appears Following New Partnership

Jinni, who used to be in the K-pop group NMIXX, went out in public after signing with a new agency. Fans were shocked when she left her old agency, JYP Entertainment, in December 2022.

Personal reasons were given by the company as the reason for her leaving the group. After that, she joined a new agency called UAP, which also represents stars like Jackson from GOT7 and Hani from EXID.

She went to a Levi’s event, where she wore a denim outfit and minimal makeup.

UAP had already confirmed Jinni’s relationship with them in a statement:

“Hello, this is Sublime.

We would like to inform you of our official position regarding the management collaboration MOU signed between Jinni’s agency, UAP (United Artist Production), and Sublime.

Jinni recently signed an exclusive contract with UAP, and we decided to collaborate through the MOU collaboration.

We will provide generous support to UAP’s artist Jinni’s global activities so she can showcase her multitude of talents and potential, and we are delighted to be able to demonstrate our synergy together.

Thank you always for your continued interest and love for Sublime’s artists, and please give a lot of support to Jinni and UAP, who have started their new chapter together.”