Jisoo of Blackpink Has Dropped Her First Solo Music Video

Jisoo, a member of the Korean pop group Blackpink, recently unveiled the music video for the debut single and solo track of her solo career titled “Flower.” The song Title Track is taken from her debut solo single album titled “Me.”

The song has an ethereal sound to it, and the lyrics are very emotional. The visuals are absolutely breathtaking. Through the use of the music video, the singer demonstrates an additional talent and facet of her voice as a performer. The music video is the most expensive production to date for her agency, YG Entertainment, and the luxurious shots were all captured outside of Korea, which seems to confirm the claim.

The music video has already racked up an astounding 19 million views on YouTube just eight hours after it was uploaded there for the first time. She went on to sell 1.3 million stock pre-orders, making her the first female K-pop artist ever to achieve the record for highest pre-order stock in the history of the industry.

With her solo debut, she becomes the only remaining Blackpink member to have done so.