Joan Collins Discusses Age Difference Relationships and Love Without Boundaries

In a recent interview with The Times, Joan Collins, best known as the star of the hit TV show Dynasty, talked honestly about her love life. The actor, who is 90 years old, reflected on her past relationships and said that many of her husbands and boyfriends were much younger than her.

Collins gave an easy answer when asked why she liked to hang out with younger people: “I don’t know.” She said that “love has no limits,” which showed that she thought age didn’t matter when it came to things of the heart.

Collins, who is now married to theater director Percy Gibson, has said, “It takes a lot to charm me.” When she thought back on her connection with him, she said that even though he was 32 years younger than her, he was able to charm her while she was working on the play Love Letters, which he produced. They have been married for more than 20 years, which makes him her fifth husband.

Collins told a funny story about their first meeting in a light-hearted way. At first, she thought Gibson was gay, but then he brought her mascara instead of eyeliner when he offered to buy her something.

Collins said that it was a joke, and she also said that she likes to laugh. In the interview, she said, “It was a joke. I joke. I try to joke a lot, but unfortunately, a lot of people take me seriously. Of course, it was a joke.”

The Golden Globe winner also talked about her past marriages, which she said had problems like cheating and abuse. She said with a bit of sarcasm that all of her ex-husbands were able to get money from her, except for her third husband, Ron Kass, because after their split she had no money left.

Collins also talked about her connection with Anthony Newley, who was her second husband and the father of two of her three children, Tara Newley, 59, and Alexander Newley, 57. Katyana Kass, who is 51 years old, is her daughter from her marriage to Ron Kass.