Joe Alwyn Seeking New Love, Won’t Reconcile with Taylor Swift

A psychic said that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn will not get back together because Alwyn is supposedly looking to meet someone new.

In an interview with The Mirror, famous psychic Inbaal Honigman said something shocking about the Conversations with Friends actor. He said that he is looking “for someone to get hot and heavy with.”

Since they broke up in February 2023, Swift has been linked to Matty Healy, a relationship she ended a month after sources said they were dating.

Alwyn was said to be dating Emma Laird, but that relationship seems to have ended, and he is now openly looking for someone to hook up with.

Honigman told Alwyn that his love life would be better if he got the Ace of Wands car. She said, “It’s a card of fiery passion, indicating that he’s already looking for someone to get hot and heavy with. He doesn’t enjoy the insecure stage of a relationship and would rather meet someone new who he can get to know, and maybe she’ll be his forever girl.”

She then gave Swift and Alwyn the Knight of Swords card, which is about goals and accomplishments.

The expert said, “Taylor and Joe are both focused, driven people, and if the present isn’t working for them, they set their sights on the future.”

She also said, “They won’t get back together, they’ll each aim to find someone who suits them better.”