Joe Alwyn Seemed Happy to See Co-Star Emma Laird After His Breakup with Taylor Swift

Joe Alwyn has been seen for the first time since he broke up with pop star Taylor Swift. His co-star Emma Laird shared the news in a special post.

The Conversations with Friends star was seen smiling at Laird in a number of photos that she posted on Instagram to show what they did on the set of their upcoming movie The Brutalist during the month of March.

Laird wrote “Moments in March” and drew a heart and a camera next to it to show that the pictures were taken while they were filming the movie that will come out soon.

In the third picture of Laird’s Instagram carousel, Alwyn was seen riding an electric scooter and giving a rare smile. Fans were excited because it was the first time they’d seen him since Swift broke up with him.

It’s important to note that, according to Laird’s caption, the picture was taken in March, while People magazine confirmed Alwyn and Swift’s breakup on April 8. Sources say that the couple broke up a “few weeks ago” from that date.